Friday, June 24, 2011

New story!!!

I've just finished a story however it doesn't fit my blog's genre so I had my friend posted it on her site. You can read it at


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I was cleaning my closet earlier when I found this familiar folder hidden under all my clothes. It was really exciting because it's been there for a long time that I can't remember what inside it is. I hastily opened it and what I saw were bunch of papers. They are stories written by Silver Puppy. That was me 10 years ago. I read them one by one and the feeling that I have while reading it was something I couldn't explain.

I search for my pen name over the Internet and I found it!!! It still exists. I saw the 6 poems I published over the Internet about 10 or more years ago. I have almost forgotten.

Here's one:


By: Silver Puppy

I will sing a song tonight.
And let it flow in the moonlight.
With you inside my heart,
I'll sing it softly.
I'll speak the words,
That's been hidden inside me.
It might not come out in a lovely tune.
Like the first droplets,
Of the month of June
But every drop bears my feelings for you.
Feelings of love I feel,
That is true.
As this night end,
Let me dream of about you.
And in this dream,
I'll sing it again to you.
This time,
We will be all alone.
I'll be holding you in my arms.
Calling you my own.

More of this at:

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Guy Who I Reserve My Virginity For

I saw this video on Ms. Chuniverse's blog. I just can't get enough of him.


Monday, May 30, 2011

The Ugly Duckling

By: Viel Bright

The silent hum or the air-conditioner is the only sound I can hear. I don’t feel like part of the city anymore. Although the place is located right in the middle of the metro, the place is shrouded with melancholy. Every sound from outside is blocked from getting in. A faint smell of mint and sandalwood lingers the cold air.

I remove my robe.
Coldness welcomes my body.
I lay on the cushion on the floor.
Face down.

I am beautiful. That is what I always tell myself. But looking at the mirror shatters away that lie I’ve been polluting myself with. What I see are my massive cheekbones and my hollow cheeks, and arms and legs that are skin and bones. I scorn myself. The most disgusting thing my eyes could ever lie upon on will be I. Then I close my eyes. I am beautiful. I try to convince myself again. It’s the only way. I have to believe it. I have to.

The door opens and closes from behind. Someone walks towards me. The minty smell becomes a little stronger. Then I feel the towel covering my back disappears then back, now flatter.  I got a little conscious for a second. Did he see how much pimples I got on my back? I asked myself. Then I told myself, Tonight, I am beautiful.

He presses his palms on my right shoulder then on the left. I felt the tension came out and mixed with the thin chilling air.

He presses again this time a little lower.
I moan.
Presses again, working his way down.
I close my eyes.
I am a princess and he is my servant for the night.

I was never a pretty gay. I was never even normal looking person. 6’ 4”, 120 lbs, blotches on skin. I am a walking polka-dotted stick figure. My friends tell me that they envy how I could maintain my figure when I eat like a barbarian. They envy how I look like a sick person. How malnourished giant I look like. And besides, I know they really don’t mean what they are saying. It’s just something to make me feel better. Well, how can they? If I myself can’t?

He now removes the towel that protects me from the chill of the room.  The warmth of his palms assures that every moment is going to be fine. I am a princess and he is my servant. I repeat to myself. Gently yet firmly, he runs his palms on my back, pressing harder on some areas. His fingers are like a concierto on my skin, caressing every inch paying attention on every muscle that needs to be touch.

He runs his fondling hands on my buttocks.
Pressing, caressing, and loving.
I gasp for air.
He is touching my butthole.
Fingers now brushing my balls.
I am his princess and I am beautiful.

In this little part of the city, I am beautiful. I am what I want to be. My legs are long, toned, and smooth. I am a princess – a model – a princess and model at the same time. My face is rare. A face that makes everyone never get tire of looking at. There are no mirrors to remind me; just darkness – and him; my loyal servant. He loves touching me. He loves me. I am beautiful. This is my kingdom. My little part of the city. My escape.

He asks me to roll over so I’ll be on my back. For first time I was able to see him. Well, at least his features. In the little light, I can see the muscles on his arms and shoulders. The outline of his silhouette shows that he spends hours working-out.  I can say that he is looking at me but I really can’t tell. He starts with my chest. Same strong caressing hands are pressing and massaging my chest. From time to time his fingers run through my nipples send jolts through my whole body. I can’t help it. His touch excites me.


I start tossing and turning. My mind commands my body to behave but it just can’t obey. My hands fly and lands on his back, tracing every trail of muscles under his shirt. He didn’t move a bit.

My hands wander more.
He whispers on my ear.
I said yes.
He takes his shirt off.
My hands wander more.
He takes his pants and underwear off.
My hands wander more.
He gets on top of me.

He knows my body. He knows where to kiss he knows where to touch. He loves me. He loves kissing me. I’m his princess he is my servant.

He lifts my legs up.
I can feel him.
He is about to get in.
I close my eyes.

Tonight I’m ugly duckling no more. In his hand I am a beautiful swan. He loves me. I am ready.

He pushes.
I smile.
I am beautiful.
Tonight I believe.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Disclaimer: Hindi ako nakatulog tonight so I created this story. Not yet proofread so I'm sure makakakita kayo ng typo and grammar lapses. Please message me if you did and if you are a homophobic please don't read.

By the way this story was inspired by "In The Dark" that can be read at

By: Viel Bright

My body squirmed as his warm breath brushed through my right ear. With my bare back pressing on his chest, I reached for his nape and pulled his face closer.  I could feel his hands; one unbuckling my belt and the other steadfastly wrapped around my waist.  His breath was musky and warm. His kisses trailed from my shoulder then planted on my neck. He has stubbles on his chin. Making his kisses bristly yet titillating.  My mind raveled a little more every time his breath met my skin.

“Mr. Harold Lim!” The front desk lady shouted.
I hurried my way to her, got the paper she handed, went back to my seat. My hands were trembling as I opened the letter. It said:

Congratulations! You have passed examination. Please be back at 3PM for your final interview.
Good luck!

It was elating to know that I passed but 3PM?!?! Really?!?! It was 12PM when I checked my watch. My mind was in a bungle. The task that I ultimately hate is to wait. Just thinking about those idle 3 hours made my heart break.

“Did you pass?” The man next to me asked then smiled.

“Yes.” I smiled back.

“Then what’s the scowling all about?” Smile still intact.

I laughed a little. “Schedule —” I said showing the paper, “—3PM.”

He shrugged. “That’s easy. Coffee! I know a place nearby. Mine is 3PM too.”

“Well, I think it’s a good idea.”

“Kevin.” He said handing out his hand.

“Harold” I gave mine.

I heard my belt fell on the floor from behind us. I moved to face him. In the dim room, illuminated just with a table lamp, my eyes savored the needing look on his face. Look that I haven’t often seen with other partners.  We’re not just having sex that night. We’re making love.

It was almost 3PM when we got out of the cafĂ©. We’ve talked about almost about everything yet it still felt like there are still lots to talk about. The connection between us was our souls. Conversing with him was like speaking with a best friend someone hasn’t seen for a very long time. Every word was interesting. Every topic was worth discussing about. Even when we were not speaking our souls did.  And those were the times we’ve learned more from each other. Like, he likes me and I do too.

The Interview went well. I got the job. But that is nothing compared to the newly found friend I got. The night that came was sleepless. Thousand of text messages are sent back and forth. Hundreds of punch lines laughed about. I just can’t get enough of him.

We became instant buddies. We went out a lot. Bar hopping was most of them but we never danced. We just stayed at our corner and talked more about things. Things that we sometimes already talked about but never got tired of.

Then our conversations went deeper. We’ve talked about past relationships. We’ve both learned that we’ve been both single for a long time now. That we are both scared of loving because of the pain that it caused. That we’ll never know when we are gonna be ready.

I made my way to the bed. I couldn’t stop staring at him. The yellow of the light painted an orange cast on his body. His chest, though in dim light, proud and chiseled. And his nipples are begging, aching for attention. My heart skipped 5 beats when he yanked his belt and unbuttoned his pants. I could see how much he wanted to do this by looking at the bulge ravaging inside his briefs. “This night is gonna be a long night” I told myself.

Then came December. A few days before Christmas, we decided to roam around the city just to ease the mind off work. It has been 8 months now from the time we had met. Cold wind brushed my face as I mesmerized on the lights that lay on the walks. He was driving. I was the passenger.

“I have to tell you” He said breaking the silence.

I just stared, waiting for him to continue.

“On the day we met. I wasn’t really there for the job. I lied when I told you I had the same schedule. I was accompanying a friend. Then I saw you.”

I shivered. I know it’s not the chill outside. It was the butterfly on my stomach.

“I felt something good about you. Something I never knew until last night.” He continued. “I loved you the first time I saw you.”

 I was flabbergasted. For a long moment I froze. Then he reached for my hand and everything was settled. Our souls have spoken. It was love all along.

We reached my place at around 9PM. For the first time in a long time we were speechless. No topics to talk about. Just silence. I jiggled my keys as he walked me to the door of my apartment just to break the silence. His words played back on my mind, I loved you the first time I saw you.

That was the time I should have I asked myself if I’m dreaming or not. Well I shouldn’t care. Dreaming or awake it felt good so I wouldn’t care.

I opened the door and got in. Just before I turned to him to say goodbye, I felt his arms clung to my waist. My body squirmed as his warm breath brushed through my right ear. With my bare back pressing on his chest, I reached for his nape and pulled his face closer.  I could feel his hands; one unbuckling my belt and the other steadfastly wrapped around my waist.  His breath was musky and warm. His kisses trailed from my shoulder then planted on my neck. He has stubbles on his chin. Making his kisses bristly yet titillating.  My mind raveled a little more every time his breath met my skin.

Chest-to-chest he was then on top of me.  Our hearts close to each other. I’m in-love with this man. I was about to say it when he cupped my mouth with his hand and said, “No more conversation tonight, just this.” And then we kissed. Our first kiss.